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I am relationship coach and my passion is to empowering you to take positive steps to rebuild self confidence with determined passion, unconstrained self-belief, and have absolute joy after a breakup..

Hi, I’m Sasa Evans, your Breakup and divorce Coach, and I’m here to help you improve your mindset, maximize your potential, and support you to heal emotional pain, rebuild confidence and live joyfully after breakup

Sasa is a committed and experienced Life and Spiritual Coach. Her passion for life coaching began when she worked as a Trainer for Adult students. Sasa helps individuals who feel stuck in breakup emotional pain. Sasa’s mission is to help people to move beyond breakup pain from pain to purpose

With years of experience in the education and pastoral sectors as a Teacher, Trainer and lay-Preacher; Sasa has helped hundreds of women to live Spiritually & purpose filled lives. Sasa witnessed amazing women holding themselves back and getting in the way of their own success and purpose filled lives. She made it her mandate to reach out and help life loving women to live a life filled with purpose, embrace their greatness and unleash their untapped potential.

Living a successful life begins with Desire. A desire to live a life of purpose, to achieve all your personal, professional and spiritual goals. A desire to be, to do and to have more. I am here to support you through your transformation journey and to show you how you can transform your pain into purpose and become the best version of yourself.



I work with motivated spirits just like yours and am here to guide and support you realize your dreams! For one to lead a happy fulfilled life requires you to be both emotionally and spiritually present. That way you will be able to enjoy even the smallest things in life and thus creating an abundance of happiness for yourself.


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Build confidence, cultivate self-compassion and love yourself unconditionally

Self-love academy
USD 47.0
Self-love academy
Learn how to love yourself unconditionally, so you can have confidence to make better life choices.
Healthy ways to transform your life
USD 9.47
Healthy ways to transform your life
Discover how to you can embrace, renew and transform your life and be able to let go of what isn't serving you.
Self-love Mini Course
USD 47.0
Self-love Mini Course
Learn how to love yourself unconditionally

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Learn the best practice and what you should know before you start.

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Dive into details of effective self-development and growth strategy

Love yourself unconditionally

Embrace your flaws and forgive your past and open a way to freedom and better life

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7 Steps to Success

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7 steps to success

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"I joined the course not knowing what I would find coz I have been searching for help today I had my first session and I was so emotional but I felt alive coz I was ready to give up on life thank u Sasa.”



Marriettah, RMN

This course was truly transformational. I highly recommend this course. Best decision and best investment ever made.

I loved how Joe went above and beyond to support me during the course.

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