Being productive working from home

Staying productive working from home

As working moms need to find ways to be productive when working from home. The other day, a friend of mine was hosting a Facebook live. Every so often the kids would come into the room and interrupt her. She would apologise and attend to the kids. She was laughing it off by saying this is real work from home with kids scenario.

While I agree that when you are working from home kids might be coming in your work space trying to get your attention, it is another matter when you have people watching and listening to you on the other end of the line.

Because of corona virus pandemic we find ourselves having to adapt to new ways of working. We have a new normal now. For kids, especially the young ones having mummy at home all the time has been a blessing, but for the working mom it has brought with many challenges.

The challenge for most is how to manage the demands of work with the chaotic life of having kids running about and vying for your attention. Some moms even say their kids’ behavior has changed, some have become screamers while others simple refuse to take instruction.

I am not a child psychologist but I believe the pressure of this abnormal situation is taking its toll on every one. Kids are used to running about and being busy all day not confined in small spaces. It is even worse for those who live in high rise buildings with no gardens to go to.

So what can working moms do to be productive working from home?  She is faced with deadlines, has zoom meetings to attend while on the other hand kids and house work is demanding her attention.

Tips to stay productive working from home

There are some things you can do as working mom to improve the situation and make sure there is also productivity in your work as well as having time to play or home school the kids as most are compelled to by the current situation.

Tip 1: Be set for working form home mood

The fact that you are working from home does not mean that you just stay in bed with your laptop and piles of work. Make a concerted effort to create a working space. You can get up and dress formally or in a smart way which shows that you are starting work.

Schedule time for non-work things like lunch break, time for kids’ lessons and stick to the schedule as much as possible. Work in short bursts of time like 45 min and then take a scheduled break and do non-work stuff.

If you are working from the living room, make sure the TV is turned off. There is no way you can work productively while binge watching your favorite programs on TV.

Tip 2: Create a list or plan for productivity

Lists are a good way of scheduling your work. You can tick off what you have completed and this is a way of tracking your productivity. A list or plan is better typed out or handwritten and placed at a place where it is easily reachable and you can see what your day looks like in a glance. There is also  something in writing things down, it makes you remember.

Tip 3: Time blocking

Time blocking helps a lot but always remember that when you block time you should also include me time. Me time is important to recharge otherwise you will burn yourself out with all the running about taking care of others and work. You cannot take care of others if you are not OK. You can read my other blog post on ways to do me time which are not expensive.

Tip 4: Don’t be isolated

Because of the pandemic we are told to social distance and not to meet with people who are not living in the space as us. This does not mean that you can not be social with your circle of friends and family and even work mates.

Collaborate with your colleagues, this is important as you may share about work and what is happening work-wise. You can face time friends and family. Keeping in touch helps with our mental health. So get talking but within your time blocked plan set for social activities.


I know you might be wondering that all these tips do not include the kids. I have not forgotten them as they also are a very important part of this circle of life. You can keep them occupied during the time you are doing work so they do not disturb you.

As I said that work in short bursts of time, this also allows for kids’ span of attention. A long-winded time alone will make them because restless. My fellow blogger Elna of Twins mommy has a collection of kids ideas which will keep your kids to be involved for a long time. Check it out you might find ideas your kids will love.



Sasa Evans

I am a life and spirituality coach, blogger and course creator. I support women to build self confidence, self esteem by transforming their pain to purpose.

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  1. Thank you for this information! Because of the new “quarantined” lifestyle we have all needed to adjust to, it seems like there is less motivation and desire to get things done but still many things to do!

    I, too, have been struggling to get things done, but I find your third tip about time blocking to be very useful. For me, I’ll commit to 30 minutes – an hour of straight work before I take a break. By committing to the allotted amount of time, it increases the chances I get the work done.

    This is great material and I think more people need to see it in times like these, great work!

  2. wow, how to stay productive while at home. My business is different from yours covering more about the laptop lifestyle so I urge people to travel and work from wherever. Love the breakdown of your tips to stay productive though reads really well and I know what it’s like to have the kids running around climbing on my laptop all day to play games. great website

  3. Hello there, thanks for this very detailed an informative post,  I must say this is a very timely post for me as almost everyone is working from home due to the effect of the coron virus that has caused a global lockdown,  this really will help in out in the everyday activity of  people working from home and thus enhance their productivity.

  4. outstanding tips you got here on how to stay focused when working at home.. working from home can be tiring as there seems to be a lot of distraction which ranges from the kids being around down to noisy neighbours and ,also having an expected visitors, all of this to distract you from what you are doing  all necessary that you have to draw a comprehensive plan set aside and how to carry out wheel daily duties,this goes a long way to help you staying focused and working from home….. thanks for sharing

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