Jan 18, 2023
A life coach is someone who can help you to identify your strengths as well as beliefs that limit, you from reaching your goals. A life coach will help you find your life purpose. A life coach will then help you develop your strengths and identify your personal and professional goals. The role of a life coach is to assist the coachee throughout the change process and not to tell you what to do or decide for you what options to or not to take.

With that said, here are some reasons why you should start using a life coach! 👊
 A good life coach supports you in your decision-making using questioning techniques that help to empower you into making and reaching your goals. Sometimes we may think we can do everything on our own but a wise a person once told me that “no matter how good you are at anything, a a coach can help you become better.

"No Matter How Good You Are at Anything a Coach Makes You Better" - Daniel DiPiazza

What are the benefits of having a life coach?

A coach is there to listen to you actively and ask you powerful questions which are focused on your goals. The coach helps you identify if you are in the right direction,an what has worked and keeps you motivated towards achieving your goals. A coach seeks to help you develop positive emotions while creating space for you to build on these emotions and thus helping you flourish.

There are several benefits you get from having a life coach. It's like having a second pair of eyes and an accountability partner. When you set goals, you have someone to help you check if you are on the agreed strategies and help you with proper questions to identify your strengths and weaknesses. A coach can help you improve performance and set targets and goals. I found that with my coach I became more open to personal development. You also gain an increased ability to identify solutions to specific issues. Life coaching can help you reframe your beliefs in order to get unstuck and move ahead in life.

How reframing your beliefs can help you get ahead

Most of us have been affected by limiting beliefs at one time in our lives. Some people can get over them and get on with their lives. But sometimes, limiting beliefs can make things difficult and terrifying to even attempt new things. Reframing your beliefs helps you look at things from a unique perspective and interpret them in a way that motivates and inspires you.
You can reframe your beliefs by:
  1. Challenging irrational belief
  2. Watching your language- how do you articulate things. (some people talk negatively to themselves or about themselves
  3. Using a life coach to help you identify the limiting beliefs you hold and challenging you so you can reframe them into positive outcomes


Challenging your limiting beliefs and realigning your mindset to your purpose and living it with passion is a way of saying THANK YOU to God. Sometimes limiting beliefs hold us back from our purpose. Without life purpose you will feel lost and frustrated. Finding your life purpose helps you live a meaningful and fulfilling life. A life coach can help you design strategies to transform your life.

, realigning your mindset to your purpose,

Find out how life coaching can support you right now to help you thrive.