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Corona virus impact on Back to school

corona virus impact on Back to school

How will corona virus impact on back to school?

We have been self isolating for a long time now. Somehow most of us were getting used to the status quo. It was hard at first having kids at home every in a sort of confined space but we were learning to work around it. I guess most parents are anxious about how the corona virus will impact children going back to school. They are worried about what is going to happen when their kids are to go back to school.Corona virus worry

I had a discussion with parents from different countries and they came up with different views on the matter. Most parents said they are so afraid for their children to go back because they have seen News items about countries who had opened up having spikes again. Some schools also have reported infections. Some moms fear there is not enough information on the virus to make it safe to send kids back to school.

Fear of the unknown is great. We really do not understand this virus fully to make those kinds of decisions.

Back to normalcy

Some moms think the kids have to start having a normal life again. As a result they feel if measures are put in place at school they will definitely send their kids back. Other moms feel the kids need to see and be among others so going back to school gives them that.

There are others who say they have no choice at all but to send kids back to school and necessary as they themselves need to go back to work.

We need to create a new normal. We need to take the first steps as safely as possible and starting living our lives and that include sending kids back to school.

Lack of preparation and logistics

was looking at countries who do not have as much logistics. For instance most kids walk to school and they walk together in groups. Let us there was someone with the disease then they will already have infected others before they even get to the school gates. There are those who use public transport which means the costs will escalate as more buses and drivers will be needed to promote social distancing in the bus.

Schools have opened where I live. Most opened for a week before corona virus cases appeared and they had either to self isolate or close again altogether. Since opening corona virus cases have been on the rise and lock downs for areas which are having a steep rise has been introduced.  This is having a great impact on our children’s education.

So what now?

As moms, we always worry about our kids rightfully so. It is more difficulty now because we are facing an invisible enemy which really we are not yet fully sure of how it operates.

  1. Gather as much information from reliable sources as possible to be able to make a decision which is right for you and your kids. Your government health information maybe the most reliable to use.
  2. Do not be influenced by others but make decisions based on fact and knowledge. Some moms have been shamed in Social media groups for saying they will be sending their kids back to school.
  3. Make a list of pros and cons and be open-minded about it.
  4. Find as much information as possible about the safety measures taken by your kid’s school
  5. Educate your kids. Talk frankly to your kids about the realities of the virus and different ways of protecting themselves
  6. Consider getting your kids masks and stress the importance of having them on.


We live in unprecedented times. We as parents will need to be prepared to make difficult decisions for ourselves and our kids. Life still needs to go on but we also need to be cautious and practice safety and hygiene. We also need to look after our mental health because this is taking a toll on many of us. We need to spend less time on outlets whose news or stories are not true and course panic and anxiety. Most of we need to stay positive and follow advice and guidelines.

Sasa Evans

I am a life and spirituality coach, blogger and course creator. I support women to build self confidence, self esteem by transforming their pain to purpose.

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  1. I enjoyed reading the article. I come from a different perspective than many as I have always homeschooled our children and have been involved in our family business which is run from home. For us, the changes were minimal. However, I do have friends who have had to make the change to “at home with kids” and are now considering the options. Some have decided to continue trying to homeschool as they have seen some benefits for their children. Others are hoping that the pandemic subsides by the fall semester so their children can go back to regular school. Interestingly, a survey in central Florida found that over 30% of parents surveyed are planning to continue homeschooling for the near future. Whatever the decisions in the fall, it will be interesting to see what happens.

    1. Quite interesting. I have always wondered if home schooled children don’t miss out on things like school sports and just being with other children. Thanks you for your comment.

  2. Hello there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative piece on Corona virus impacts back to school… The occurence of this global pandemic has Indeed caused a lot. Anyways on the aspect of kids going back to school it’s very important and will be helpful if parents educaterl their kids about the virus,like  you’ve mentioned talk frankly to their kids about the realities of the virus and different ways of protecting themselves…. And putting these protective meausre to practice. 

  3. intriguing if you’ve got your I must say on the impact of Corona virus to schools.. the ravaging pandemic has indeed cause a lot of harm to us this includes keeping our kids indoors away from learning for a long time and this will definitely have a negative impacts in our kids education.. I guess we need to wait patiently until a cure comes up for it… there is a say that it’s better to be patient rather than being a patient…..

    thanks for your awesome review I look forward to sharing it

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