Daily edits-Free tips and tricks

We all need daily edits, These are tips and tricks to help you through difficult times.

You will get the tips on how to be more present and balanced. Everyone needs to practice being present in order to command their happiness.

We lead such busy lives that we have forgotten just to stop and smell the roses. If you practice being present you become aware of the little things around you.  You become more grateful and be more aware. This brings happiness and might even help relieve stresses caused by work and busy lives.

My steps I do do to practice being present

When I work up I pray and read the Bible this helps and wakes up my awareness of the omnipresence of God in my life. I then go for a walk and normally stop to listen to birds singing. This brings me joy. I am fortunate that I live near the sea-side , I normally walk there early in the morning and breathe in the nice smell of the sea salt. This helps clear sinus and helps me breathe better. There is something soothing about hearing the sea crush against the rocks.How to be more present and balanced

Practicing self care is also a good way of maintaining balance

Spiritual balance

Even though we are human, we have a spiritual side to us which is very important for our growth, health and mental balance. It is important to be real and balance the spiritual and physical.