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How to cope when in self isolation

How to cope when in self isolation?

We are living in trying times because of the corona virus. This has necessitated self isolation as a means of trying to curb the spread of the virus. What is important is how  we can cope when in self isolation. However, self isolation comes with its own challenges.

How can self isolation affect us?

Living in isolation for such long periods like 14 days can wreak havoc on one’s mental health. It can play with one’s head. The fact that there is no known cure for the virus alone can lead a person to develop anxiety and thinking about the likely scenarios which could happen due to the virus developing into full-blown infection.

What the experts say about coping in self isolation?

According to Dhruv Khullar, a physician and researcher at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, even short periods of isolation can cause increase in anxiety or depression “within days”. When you are in isolation it can trigger fear, anxiety and anger. You can feel frustrated because you feel helpless and have no control over what is happening to them.

Coping strategies to alleviate isolation anxiety

There are things which you can do when in isolation to alleviate anxiety

  • Keep contact with your social circle and family:

    Call people and talk to human beings. Self isolation communicationHearing someone’s voice is reassuring. If you need things like food and life necessities, they can help by bringing those for you. If you belong to a church, or social group keep in contact. My church created a website where all members can leave comments about how they are or if they are in need of something.


  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Whats App groups can be a source of comfort and provide you with others to talk to. My family is in South Africa, we have created zoom meetings which we have every day for face time. This is really helping us as we are reassured of each other’s well-being.
  • Eat a healthy diet:

    Being in a confined space in the house is not a license to binge on everything. When in self isolating, especially if you can not go out of the house, it is important that you keep eating a healthy diet with vegetables and fruits. We all know why vegetables are good for us. I find that since isolation I have put a bit of weight on. I have not been eating properly because I am finding it hard to cope with self isolation.

  • Exercise:

    There are variety of exercise on can do at home. Keep up the exercise routines which you can do without need of equipment. If you are able, take a walk in nature. Walking in nature is therapeutic.

  • Limit your intake of news:

    There is a constant coverage of the corona virus at the moment. Sometimes listening to too much news information can leave you depressed if you hear the statistics of how bad the situation is. It can make you worse than you already are.

  • Keep your mind constructively busy:  

  • You may want to use this as a time to learn a new hobby or to finish some of those DYI jobs which you have left hanging for too long. The other day on Face book I saw a feed about a lady who started cross stitch as a way of coping with self isolation.  She is making a circular frame divided into 14 days. with each day having a theme which she cross stitching on its designated piece. It looked wonderful. Can’t wait to see the finished piece. It is a good idea to keep occupied in order to avoid negative thoughts crawling in.
  • Focus on facts:

  • There is a lot of misinformation on social media outlets and these should be avoided for your own sanity. Seek reputable sources of information like WHO or your national health articles/information sources.
  • Laugh out loud:

  • Laughing releases tension and produces feel good feelings.  It is a good idea to watch something funny which can make you laugh and momentarily forget the challenges you are facing. I normally listen to preaching on You Tube, Christian websites or listen to Christian music videos as these sources have content that gives me comfort.

Practical ways to prevent spread

  • Wash your hands regularly with lathering soap or alcohol gel for at least 20 seconds
  • Close your mouth when coughing with a tissue or cough onto a tissue which you should discard immediately
  • Catch your sneeze with tissue and discard in a bin
  • Clean door handles and surfaces regularly used with a sanitizer


I would very much like to hear about how you are coping, leave a comment below. God bless.

Sasa Evans

I am a life and spirituality coach, blogger and course creator. I support women to build self confidence, self esteem by transforming their pain to purpose.

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  1. These are great tips, I couldn’t agree more! It is so easy to get absorbed by the news and keep watching all the updates about how many are sick in which country and how many died, but it doesn’t help anything and anyone. It only creates more fear and fear is bad for immunity. It would be better to watch some comedies on a laptop when one has to stay in isolation. 

    Another great thing is to spend time in the nature or at least in a back yard or garden, if you can’t get out of the house at all. But not everyone has this possibility. For those who live in a block of apartments in a big city, this is out of question. And I feel sorry for them because nature has a healing power for all of us.

  2. Thanks for this well draft and informative piece of craft put into writing. Isolation itself courses fear of the unknown and this alone can really cause havoc like you mentioned. I agree with you 100% that exercise, chatting with friends and relative through phone calls, news intake should be limited and a lot more. These are all facts and its sad enough we are in this situation.

    Thanks a lot, all I can say is, we are all winners, we have to stick together and win this disease. The fear of the disease is already killing people mentally already. Cleaning the door handle really made me cough out because I never even thought of it. Lets also use this opportunity to do the things we have been wishing to do but time wasn’t on our side.

    Especially learning new things through the net and reading books or even doing trade, permit me to share this on my social platform for other readers to grab some knowledge.

    1. Thank you for the comments. We are living in uncertain times and we really need all the credible information we can get. By all means you can share.

  3. Hai Sasa,

    First of all, great article. I’m an introvert, who never leave the house. While the rest of my family, they enjoy going out. My city is currently in a lockdown. But we’ve been in self-isolation since March 1st week. I thought the self-isolation won’t take a toll on me like it does on my family. But I was wrong. I’m really guilty of watching a lot of corona news, and just as you mentioned it is leaves me depressed. So, I’ve trying to listen to classical music, to ease my mind.  It helps, although it’s a genre that’s fairly new to me!

    Since there is a lot of time at hand, we’ve been trying some  family activities we’ve never done before. So that helps a lot. I’ve noticed that when I reduce the time I spend watching news, I’m experiencing less panic attacks. I was thinking of more ways to keep my mind occupied and this article has set my hamster wheel running. Thank you 🙂

    Hope this pandemic ends soon. 

    Stay safe & Take Care!

    1. I am glad you are finding some ways to keep you busy. News are important because they give us information but like anything too much of it is no good and can bring anxiety. Keep finding things to do with to keep your mind busy.

  4. Well done, this is a great site which provides good sound advice.  It is down to all to focus on our loved one’s and your message is clear.

    The amount of misinformation is astonishing and we must guard against the misrepresented truth.  These are underrepresented times and sites like your will help others.  Well done.

    I left a comment.

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