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How to get unstuck and finish what you started

How can we get unstuck? Most of us get stuck sometimes and we fail to finish what we start. It happens to most of us, well to me, that I know. I get these bursts of energy and interest that I just go ahead and get started on a new project. Weeks go by and I find my interest just waning. This week has been one of those weeks where I felt just demotivated and feeling a loss of interest.

For a full week I did not even open my emails. This morning I found in 1 inbox I had almost 200 unopened emails. It so happened that this morning I also got a notification from my bank that a certain highish amount had been paid from my account to some service provider. To be honest I saw red because I did not understand why that service provider would have asked for so much in payment.

I called the bank who in turn asked me to call the provider as they could not reverse the payment. It was at this time that I wished I was back home in South Africa because my bank there would have done it for me with a caution though that if it was a genuine transaction I should expect for it to be asked for again, but at least I would be having my cash back in my account before trying to sort it out with the concerned provider.

I then called the provider with the aim of really giving them stick. It turned out they had sent me an email informing me that the service they provide me with was due for renewal and as I had opted for automatic renewal that the amount was to come out of my bank account on such, such a day. I had obviously not seen the email as I had not opened my mail box.

So I informed them I had not seen it and that was the honest truth. They offered to reverse the charge and instead charge me the price I had paid last year which was seriously discounted. I thanked  my God and them for their generosity.

This incident made me to sit down and take stalk. In times like this I pray and ask the Holy spirit to show me where I am lacking.  So today was no different I consulted the higher power and I was made aware that 99% of the time I start projects but do not see them to fruition. I decided that this will not be one of them.

I will take it one baby step at a time. It is time to break the chain. It reminded me of the infection control training I once attended, that for the infection to stop the chain of infection has to be broken.  Just like now to to stop corona virus we are self isolating break one part in the infection chain. So I decided to write this blog, it is  the first step in breaking the chain.

Psychology today says: Starting a new project is like falling in love. It’s exciting, emotionally arousing, and infused with the natural motivator of novelty. When the novelty wears off we simple loose interest.

5 ways to get unstuck

  1. Awareness of the pattern: This can be done by taking stalk of your past activities and see
Get unstuck

the pattern. Write down why you started them and what happened. That is what I did today. I saw a pattern I had not realised before

2. Research more deeply your next project: This step will guide you into whether it is really something you need or its just another shinny thing.

3. Be realistic with yourself: Properly examine whether you can achieve that goal and be really honest with yourself

4. Make a plan and steps for your project: There is something about writing stuff down. It has a motivating factor. A plan can be modified but the goal should always be to see the project to completion.

5. Make sure your main motivation comes from the inside (intrinsic): Ask yourself if you really want to do this for personal reasons, do you really need it?

I am sat now going through my emails, lesson learnt.

Sasa Evans

I am a life and spirituality coach, blogger and course creator. I support women to build self confidence, self esteem by transforming their pain to purpose.

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