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How to stay calm in uncertain times

Staying calm in uncertain times

How do you stay calm in uncertain times? The covid19 has brought about an uncertain situation. We do not how long it will take for us to be in isolation. How long the money will last since most people can not work. People are worried about how safe  we are.  We do not even know the real truth about the pandemic.staying calm in uncertain times

It is hard enough for every one out there but even tougher for a mom. Children by nature are active beings, they want to be running about and not confined in the house all day long for days on end. So what does a mom do? Moms have become teachers as they are forced to home school. It is even harder for those who are working from home. Most mom have been saying they are seeing behaviour difference in their kids.

Uncertainty breads anxiety

As a rule human beings prefer to be certain about things rather than the opposite. It is true then that uncertainty breeds anxiety. I believe many people will agree with this statement especially at this uncertain time. We are just not sure what our lives will be like with this covid19. We do not know whether we will ever return to normal life and what that normal life will look like.

There have been times over the years when we have been anxious about a situation but I don’t think there has ever been something like this. When my children were small there was the cold war and my worry was whether my children will grow up in a safe world. It was a huge sigh of relief when things started thawing between the East and the West.

Come 2020, the year which promised good things and blessings. 2020 the beginning of a decade. I looked at it as a birth of something new.  To be honest, I was really feeling like great things were going to happen this year. I felt the favour of God was upon us and that things were turning  round for the better.

Then came this Wuhan flu and everything changed. At first, I thought that like SARS it was going to be concentrated where it started. I can not imagine how it is to raise children in a time like this. Constantly worried about their safety and well-being. Constantly having all these what “if’s”,  what if I get infected going to the shops to get them food, what if their father gets infected, what if they fall ill and I have to take them to hospital and they get the flu.

Worry is always there. If not about health it’s about how you will keep the children occupied. How you will get through another day of screaming confined little beings. You wonder what they are really thinking.  Are they worried about the prospects of growing up in a world where you have to wear a mask everywhere. Are they worried about whether they will get to finish school, have a job and raise their own families? How much are they worrying about the future? Are they quiet because they don’t want to tell me their real fears? These are the signs of raising children in uncertain times.

Life is uncertain – how to be calm

People in general like to be in control of what is happening in their lives. We create feelings of security around us and that makes us happy and secure. When something unusual like this covid19 happens we are powerless and uncertain.  Anxiety then kicks in and we do irrational things.

Look at the mass buying of toilet paper as if it would shield us from the corona virus. So what can we do to conquer fear and be calm in uncertainty times?

  1. First of all we should accept that we don’t have to be in control of everything and embrace the uncertainty
  2. We need to train our minds to relax and not think that every uncertainty brings with it bad outcomes
  3. Understand that life changes whether we like it or not
  4. Do things which bring us peace, like prayer and meditating on the truth of God’s word

It is quite interesting what people do when they are afraid or uncertain. Things they normally don’t care about when all is good become a priority.  I have seen  statistics which show that many of us are turning to prayer. I was looking through YouTube videos the other day and mostly what I saw where people all around the world turning to prayer. The churches in different countries in the world are involved in singing the “Blessing” taken from Number 6:23-27.

So what can help us cope is such uncertain times?

I am going to suggest the use of tips based on research in psychology and sociology; 5 Core Happier Skills. These skills are simple to use and you might be already be practicing them. You can also impart them on the children so they have something to hold on to when faced with uncertain times.


If we accept of our feelings, especially difficult ones it reduces how intense they are and help us with a clarity of mind to see things better and we can make decisions to move through the situation We feel better able to cope and put things into perspective. Because we are thinking rationally and at peace with the situation we develop confidence in our ability to get through challenges.


Practicing gratitude makes us feel happy and we don’t take things or anyone for granted. It helps our brain counter the negative and focus on the good which yield a positive mindset

Intentional kindness

Choosing to be kind towards others strengthens our humanity. I have seen this happen during this time of corona virus isolation. People have been going out of their way to help others, clapping for the key workers, praying for others, offering to bring groceries, keeping in touch on social media and just checking if others are ok. This takes away our minds from the situation and makes us feel good inside.

The bigger way

Connecting to our “Bigger way” during uncertain times  helps us to stay calm. For me it is connecting to God through prayer and scripture. Connecting to God has always been the core of my life and has always helped me through difficult and uncertain times and this is no different. It also contributes to a feeling of even greater satisfaction when things are going well.


I can’t say enough about self-care. I am a big believer of taking some me time and do things which lift my spirit. It is impossible to feel happier if we’re emotionally, spiritually, and physically drained. We need to find things which give us rest, peace, creativity, compassion and we will feel calm and be able to face uncertain times.


Life can be uncertain and difficult at time but it how we choose to approach this difficult and uncertain time that will help us Life through. I invite you to practice these 5 Core Happier Skills you will be able to come out of uncertain times better than you would normally do. I found this exercise interesting. Take it if you can, it will help you understand how your mind works in different situations and can give you tips to better cope with uncertainty. I did it and had some interesting revelations about myself.

Sasa Evans

I am a life and spirituality coach, blogger and course creator. I support women to build self confidence, self esteem by transforming their pain to purpose.

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