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Staying healthy while working from home

Staying healthy while working from home

How to stay heathy working from home

Staying healthy while working from home can be a challenge. When working from home we are in an environment which is not generally suited for working.  However, it has a lot of advantages. The challenge is how to stay healthy while working from home. Depending on the space in your home you might be using the kitchen table as a pseudo office and food is just at your reach.

What are the unhealthy habits when working from home

The corona pandemic brought with a new way of working. Most people were forced to work from home. When working from home we use computers and can be tempted to just sit on the couch with the laptop while the telly is also on. This causes a lot of problems. You can develop back ache just because of the amount of time you spend sitting. You can also develop headaches because of staring at the screen. Because of the restrictions of social distancing some people do not even go for needed exercise. Staying healthy while working form homeSometime we can get so engrossed in your work that you neglect to take regular breaks or just to stand and walk about.

Some people tend to snack mindlessly. This can cause weight gain.

What are the avoidable habits which can impact health?

I tend to sit on the settee with my laptop on my lap when I work from home . You need to sit in a comfortable chair and table instead. When the laptop is on your lap it means you will have to slouch to type and that puts pain on your back and shoulders. I find that when I do this I have repetitive stress on my back. The other hazard is that if you do not put something on your lap, the heat from the laptop can burn your thighs.

Mindless snacking is also one of the things people do when they are working from home and thus weight gain. Sitting for a long time can cause back pain. Staring on the computer for a lot time can cause headaches as well.

How then can you stay healthy when working from home

The most important is to define your work space. You need a chair with back support. You need to take regular breaks and be away for the glare of the laptop. Sometimes using a laptop on your lap is unavoidable, then you need to put something like a cushion to protect your thighs. Going for little walks is also important for exercise. Avoid mindless snacking by keeping a timetable and having something to eat when you take a break.

One of the things people do not realize that it impacts on their well-being is the endless watching of News stories. Of late there has been a surge in videos on Facebook and YouTube. Some are really distressing as they offer biased or partial truths which works on people’s emotions. I watch items which build and motivate me and are enriching to me. I started a program to improve as a global entrepreneur global entrepreneur and I am so excited about it.

How to avoid burn-out when working from home Staying healthy while working from home

my friends and colleagues have been telling me about the mental effect of this extended working from home scenario. Normally most of us take regular breaks from work or short holidays. However, the abnormal situation of the pandemic meant that we can not even go for weekend breaks or short holidays. As a result, most people just continued working without breaks. This is causing burn-out.

To avoid burn-out, you need to take a week or so break from work even though you are not going away. Pack the laptop away and take more nature walks or just simple walks around your neighbourhood.

Importantly, you need to keep in contact with colleagues, family and friends. If you find you are struggling with burn-out or some mental health issue please talk to someone.


There are a lot of self care activities you can do to improve the state of wellness. I find reading, mediating on Scripture and worshiping helps me a lot. I get a lot of hope and increase of faith in Scripture and worship. You also need to practice being grateful, this liberate you. Make a habit of;;owing an empowering habit and doing it every day. I count my blessing and the things I am grateful for.

Be generous, you can do this by helping an elderly neighbour or just giving your time to help someone else. For me this time has been a good time to learn new skills. I have course a lot of new things and even created an online course. I have also created and shared tips with women on how to curb corona virus.

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