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  • You too can find happiness after divorce

    Coaching for devorcees who want to regain confidence, identity and purpose

    Rediscover Your Happiness: Build rock solid confidence after devorce, reignite your purpose, and live a happy fulfilling life.

    Experiencing a divorce can be a difficult and heartbreaking time. It can leave you feeling defeated and lacking in confidence. I understand the emotions of pain, anger, and sadness that you may be going through. But it's important to know that this is not the end of your story. There is hope for the future and a chance to rediscover your happiest and most confident self.


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    7 Reasons to Work with an Empowerment Confidence Coach

    As an Empowerment Confidence coach who has walked this path, I specialize in helping you heal and rebuild your self-esteem after divorce. My personalized approach will empower you to:

  • Process grief and find closure on the past.

  • Transform negative self-talk into positive affirmations

  • Reconnect with your strengths, gifts and passions

  • Envision your next chapter and set inspiring goals

  • Rebuild Your Confidence by focusing on your needs and rebuilding your network

  • Embrace self-care and rediscover activities that bring you joy

  • Step into your worth and release old doubts or insecurities

  • You hold the potential for incredible growth. With the right support, you can emerge renewed, optimistic and confident. If you’re ready to reclaim your happiness, let’s chat about coaching. This is your fresh start - now is the time to rediscover your brightest future. Let's connect to start your transformation.

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  • Our Services

    oneline coaching session

    The program also includes:

    Weekly 60-minute 1-to-1 coaching sessions (on video)

    Email support between sessions

    Personalized exercises and reflections after each session

    Access to audio meditations and visualizations

    Private community support group

    Celebratory breakthrough session

    Rediscover Your Confidence 1-to-1 Coaching Program

    This personalized 3-month coaching program is designed to help you rebuild your self-esteem and live a fulfilling, happy life after divorce.

    In our private sessions, we will:

    Process your emotions and make peace with the past

    Transform negative thought patterns into empowering beliefs

    Reignite your passions and connect with your authentic self

    Set goals aligned with your values and vision for your next chapter

    Develop tools to overcome challenges with more self-assurance

    Cultivate daily self-care rituals that support your wellbeingB

    reak free from doubt, worry, or insecurity about the future

    Feel motivated, optimistic and purposeful every day

  • My approach is to both challenge and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. You'll gain the mindset, skills and support network you need to embrace single life.

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    Confidence & Empowerment Program

    Tired of not achieving everything you deserve? …Ready to create the most SUCCESSFUL version of yourself? Isn’t it time to stop struggling and ACHIEVE your wildest goals and dreams? With bespoke confidence and empowerment coaching you can

    Unlock Your Potential: Build Rock-Solid Confidence from the Inside Out

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    7 Reasons to Work with an Empowerment Confidence Coach

    As an Empowerment Confidence coach who has walked this path, I specialize in helping you heal and rebuild your self-esteem after divorce. My personalized approach will empower you to:

  • Gain Clarity - An empowerment coach will help you get crystal clear on your core goals, values, and ideal life vision.

  • Overcome Self-Doubt - You'll learn how to reprogram limiting beliefs and surround yourself with empowering thoughts.

  • Boost Motivation - A mindset mentor provides structure, accountability, and motivation to turn insight into action.

  • Develop Healthy Habits - You'll build routines and systems that set you up for daily success and optimal wellbeing.

  • Cultivate Confidence - By focusing on your strengths and wins, you build unstoppable confidence in yourself

  • Create Balance - Coaches teach you how to set boundaries and remove unnecessary stress and clutter.

  • Accelerate Growth - With expert guidance, you can fast-track your personal and professional development.

  • If you feel stuck in a rut, an empowerment coach can be the catalyst to create positive momentum. Let's connect to start your transformation.

  • Hi, I'm Sasa Evans

    My name is Sasa Evans and I am a certified life coach who specializes in helping women rediscover their confidence and purpose after divorce through the powerful RISE program by unlocking the secrets to a more powerful mindset.

    My passion for this work comes from my own journey. After 25 years of marriage, I suddenly found myself divorced, overwhelmed, and completely lost. I had always defined myself as a wife and mother. With that identity gone, I struggled to find my footing and self-worth.

    Hitting rock bottom forced me to closely examine my life. Through deep personal development work, I was able to rebuild my self-esteem and emerge happier than ever. I discovered new passions, pursued meaningful goals, and embraced single life on my own terms.

    My transformation showed me how resilient we can be in the face of life's hardest challenges. I knew I needed to help other women navigate their own divorce transitions. After becoming a certified life coach, I created a practice dedicated to divorce recovery and empowerment.

    Having walked this path myself, I understand the hurt you’re experiencing. But I also want to give you hope. You have the power to use this loss to find an even better version of yourself. My role is to support you in processing grief, shifting your mindset, rediscovering your strengths and joy, and boldly creating a fulfilling new chapter.

    If you’re ready to reclaim your confidence after divorce, take that first step and contact me. You hold the potential for so much happiness, purpose and growth ahead. Let’s unlock it together.

    I'm SO glad you found me!!!

    Get ready to step into a new light, greater understanding and better mindset about who you are and what you're really worth!

    Let's RISE Together!

    You are meant for More

    Mindset Reset | Positive Thinking  | Personal Development

    With online empowerment and confidence coaching you will:

  • Keep relationships and also relate to people.

  • Have less stress and anxiety - you have a better ability to cope and have increased life satisfaction.

  • Build self-confidence through life coaching - because you are kinder to yourself, and you know that we all make mistakes your self-confidence becomes high

  • Better health and well-being- positive mindset increases positive feelings and mood

  • Better at taking responsibility for your life- you don't entertain blame culture and you take responsibility for your mistakes, learn, and move on.

  • Are you ready to move beyond your fears and negative self-talk that limits and keeps you from the life you desire and deserve? 

    If your answer is yes, find out how Sasa's holistic mindset and empowerment coaching for devorcees can help you by clicking the button below.

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    Discover the benefits of Mindset Empowerment and Life coaching

    Ladies, are you tired of not achieving everything you deserve?

    As a mindset and confidence coach, my mission is to inspire and empower women across the UK and the world to create a life you desire even after emotional trauma and repetitive negative self-talk.

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