Miracles, heavenly and supernatural encounters

Miracles, visions and supernatural encounters

Miracles, heavenly and supernatural encounters

Have you ever wondered about miracles, heavenly and supernatural encounters, and whether they still happen? I am here to tell you about my own experiences and to say yes they still occur.

These past three months have been phenomenal. It started with six weeks of The Masters Class of Prophecy followed by ten days of supernatural breakthrough. It has been an amazing journey of learning from the wonderful and inspiring men and women of God. I have been immersed deeply in the spiritual and the supernatural. At one of the breakthrough session we were given a word that said there was a scribe anointing and were encouraged to write or post on blogs. I was stirred to write this post to share my experiences the supernatural power of God.

Miracles, heavenly and supernatural encounters and in my life

Over the years I have had my share of miracles, heavenly and supernatural encounters. I had my first heavenly encounter when I was 10 years old. I wasn’t even a Christian then and I was amazed by what I saw that it has stayed with me all my life. Talking about it brings that powerful feeling I felt then. My mom and my siblings were sitting outside our hut around a fire on a fine summer’s night. The sky was clear and the moon was bright. Suddenly, I felt like I needed to look up in the sky. There on the Southern side a portal opened. It was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen.

There was a golden chair and I could see a man sitting on the chair but what was visible to me was from his knees downward. He was wearing a shimmering flowing rob and he was holding a golden staff. The place itself was shimmering like gold. The were people dressed in white robes who also moving about. They would come to the one sitting on the golden throne.

Miracles, heavenly and supernatural encounters

I marvelled at this phenomenon and then I decided to show my mom. She looked up but did not see anything. My siblings also looked but they also did not see anything. At the time I did not understand why, I remember, I cried trying to explain to them and were to look. The opening was huge so it was so strange that they could not see it.

Miracles of healing

My husband suffers from asthma and a year ago he was also diagnosed with COPD. It got worse so much that going up the stairs was becoming a big problem. He was constantly coaching and out of breath. We prayed for healing. One morning just before we got up, I happen to turn and face him.

Above his head was the tinniest zebra I had ever seen lying down. Honestly I thought I was dreaming, I blinked and looked away and then looked back again. The zebra was still there. I think to make sure I was seeing it, the zebra moved its head and I heard the word of the Lord say, “By his stripes we are healed”. From that day, my husband was healed of the COPD. He is off the medication now and has gone back to what he loves best, walking along the sea front.

My supernatural encounters


Four years ago, I was wrestling with my faith. I just did not fell I was near Christ. Each time I prayed it just felt flat as if my prayers were not reaching heaven. There was a lot happening in my life and I needed the holy spirit to help me. I remember talking to my daughter and she suggested we fast and pray three times a day. One of the prayer times was to be at twelve. We decided we were going to do a seven-day fast. On the third day I was at work waiting for a client. I then decided to have my prayer while waiting.

I was sitting next to a wide window. Each time I opened my eyes I felt this urge to look across the road. It was about the festive season and most houses had lights on their walls. As I looked the lights from a house across the road suddenly started moving off the wall and spell the word “Believe”. The word was just suspended beautifully. I knew that the Lord was telling me to believe in him. The lights shifted and went back to their place on the wall. The Lord can use anything to communicate with us.

Whirl wind of white feathers: 

In June this year, I was sitting near the patio door having breakfast. It wasn’t a windy day. From around the corner appeared a whirlwind of white feathers. The only way I can explain it was that it looked like a small tornado (twister) and it was stationed in one spot while inside this twister the white feathers were dancing. It was a beautiful spectacle. What was surprising was that only white feathers were in the twister but in the natural the outside had leaves and grey feathers.

Hearing inner thoughts:

One evening there was a church prayer meeting at our church. We had people from others churches. It was during prayer that I clearly heard one of the people say “my sister”. It was so loud to me, that I looked around to see if others heard him. So after the prayer I went and talked to him about the word.  He said that he was worried about sister who was not yet saved.  He said he had prayed for her, asking the Lord Jesus to touch her heart. Then the spirit of the Lord said that he head had his prayer. I saw him a few months later and he said his sister had accepted Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

Supernatural healing

We were in church just waiting for the service to start when I felt the holy spirit tell me about a lady who was having difficulty walking. Turned out it was her hip when I asked her. I then asked to lay hands on her. As soon as, I laid my hands on her she jumped saying there was heat on my hands. After I had finished praying, she told me that the pain was gone. She could walk properly without even a stick. The Lord was glorified.

Supernatural dreams

  1. One of the anointing of the holy spirit is in dreams. Throughout my life I have had dreams, some just exact and things which come true. I remember, a dream I had of my sister’s passing seven years before it happened. In the dream she had met guy and they had a baby girl together. The guy infected her with HIV and it killed her. What I had dreamt came to pass.
  2. I had a dream in July of this year which I cherish. In the dream, Jesus come into my room and stood on the head side of the bed. I then said “Jesus, hold my hands and he did. Before he left he kissed my forehead and I could feel it when I jumped and woke up.

The supernatural breakthrough

This weeks has been amazing. I have been attending the supernatural breakthrough live sessions from the Joy portal. The presenter asked us to pray at one of the sessions. I was having a headache and it wasn’t going away. I put my hand on my head and heat came through my hand and I could feel it on my forehead as well. The headache suddenly stopped.


There are so many supernatural stories I can tell but that can fill three volumes of books book. Miracles still happen and I believe that we need to believe and have child like faith and we will see miracles and wonders. This time might have been meant for evil but God is turning it for good for those who follow him. It has been a time of deep faith and spiritual journey for me. I have learned a lot in these few months and grown eve closer to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have also had time to create some material which can be of help especially if you want to work on self-improvement.

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