Mom hacks to make life easier- things you can do now

Mom hacks to make life easier

How mom hacks make life easier

Every mom should know some hacks to make life easier and help her through the when juggling family, baby and the other things which she has to take care of.

I had my daughter young and everything was so difficult and I did not know what to do first or prioritize and as a result, I was so overwhelmed. I nearly did not enjoy bringing my baby up until I learned that I can not be a superwoman. My grandmother with whom I was staying at the time used to tell me that if I wanted to be able to take care of my daughter I needed to take care of myself first and also be at peace with the fact that I can not do everything as there were not enough hours in the day to do that even if I tried. She gave me some hacks which I used with all my kids and they have worked well for me.

I am going to share some of the mom hacks which I used to make my life easier as I was bringing up my baby girl.

Mom hack #1: Time setting – blocking time for all you need to do

Planning is very important. If you don’t plan you are setting yourself to fail. I found it easier making a weekly plan but reviewing the plan before going to sleep so that if I needed to swap or edit somethings I can easily do that as long as I have an original plan at hand. Everyone definitely has a pat hate and mine is ironing. You need to put a timer on your phone or clock for the pat hates say at set the alarm to go off at least 15 minutes before and as soon as the alarm goes stand and go and start doing the activity. That way you don’t start procrastinating over it. Always remember to always plan your own self-care in your planner

 Meal preparation hacks to make life easier for moms

I always liked eating home cooked meals. Nutrition is very important especially when you are breast feeding. It is a good idea to use the weekend to prepare and freeze your meal so it is easy during the week to just take out and warm. This way you save time and the stress of thinking about what meals to prepare when you are busy.

The Tasks Board

I read this interesting idea from the Salty Mamas about the command center which is not only for the mom but is used by every one in the family. It is made visible to everyone so everyone knows who is doing what. You can read about how to create it from their blog. I use a task board which is made out of a yearly planner and pasted on the wall in the kitchen where everyone can see it. Everyone can put what they have that week and it makes life easier

The beauty of technology for reading or other essential things

I have always loved reading. When I was a young woman I loved to read Mills and Boons (shows how old I am hahaha!). I would finish at least two novels a week. This ended when I had children. You shouldn’t stop your favorite hobbies because you are a working mom. You can use apps like audible to listen to your favorite books on your way to work. Technology is also good for some tasks. You can do online shopping to free the time you would have used to go to the shops

Online shopping

Shopping is one of the activities that take a lot of time. I find that grocery shopping online helps a lot. I however like to physically choose my greens and fruit, but if the bulk of my groceries has been delivered it doesn’t take me time to pick up fruits and vegetables on my way from work.


I believe we should take great care of ourselves in order to be able to look after other. I know as you also know that there are not so many hours in a day but taking care of yourself is one of those non-negotiable must-do.  As a mom especially, your bundle of joy might be at a stage where he/she wakes up many times at night. Not getting enough sleep often leaves a person tired and grumpy. Doing self care will lift your spirit and also make you feel better . Feeling better and rested s the most important thing for a mom.

You are good to take care of others when you take good care of your self. I love a soaking in a lovely warm bubble bath and olive oil soaked scrub.

Sasa Evans

I am a life and spirituality coach, blogger and course creator. I support women to build self confidence, self esteem by transforming their pain to purpose.

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