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  • Online coach Sasa Evans

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     Empowerment Coaching:  How To Overcome False Beliefs and Build Confidence & Self-esteem

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  • Secret #1 - How to overcome learned limiting habits

  • Secret #2 - Reframing mindset and refocosing your thinking

  • Secret #3 - Utilising the transformational power of meditation and mindfulness to transform yourself

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  • Hi friend

    I am extremely grateful that you are on this page and reading this message. I believe you are here because you want to go an extra notch in the different areas of you life. It might be emotional, spiritual, wellness, finance, relationships or work life-balance

    I can safely say you are in the right place. I believe everything happens for a reason and your being maybe because you are looking for ways to transform your life or achieve your goals. I believe this page might be the most important thing you will read in your life.

    You might already know my work, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. You might have read my articles in Brainz Magazine or Humans of Fuzia or listened to my podcast or read my book If that is so, then you may skip the introduction and go straight to the joining link. 

    However, if you got here by other means, I would like to introduce myself to you before we continue

    My name is Sasa, and I am honoured to meet you

    I am a mindset & life coach

    I support women achieve and the life they deserve with confidence

    I am a sponsor with Compassion international, helping children who live in poverty get education so as to improve their lives and those of their families

    I am an author of Journal with purpose because I believe we all have a purpose for our lives and we ought to find and live it I support women using 1 to 1 coaching as well as courses and memberships

    I am passionate about transforming lives, and people who there is something missing in their lives contact me for help.

    The fact that you have read so far tells me that you know you are MISSING SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE

  • Do you have what it takes to achieve and maintain your goals, transformation........?

    The thing is , the reason why you are not achieving what you set to do is because you are not using the power of the Three fundamental elements

    Mindset Mastery & Habit Forming

    Refocusing and reframing your mindset is important for your success. It helps with consistancy with forms habits. Habits are difficult to break. Once you form a positive habit it is easier to foster it for a long time

    Power Of Coaching

    A coach is important for your growth and transformation. The reason why having a coach is important is because they guide you with startegies, tools, create a road map with you and hold you accountable

    Power of Community

    We thrive when we are cheers on. A community bring that commaradie and helps us thrive towards our goals. Have you heard of the saying "together we stand"

    Now, let me ask you a question

    Which of the 3 above elements do you lack?

    Whether it is one, two or all of them, it really does not matter because I have devel0ped a program that will help you develop all of them and see your transformation at last.

    You Can Thrive

    You Can Thrive is a program that can support you develop in all spheres of your life, be it spiritually, emotionally, mentally. This is a program that can support you transform your life. 

    And today,

    I'd like to personally invite you to become a member of the You Can Thrive group, and help you be more confident, less stressed, and less dependent on other people (or substances).

    I'd like you to use it in order to access your potential, unlock your inner power, discover your purpose, and improve every aspect of your life - career, finance, romance, friendships and family.

    Here is what is covered in the You Can Thrive group program

    Coaching Sessions

    There is weekly coaching sessions with me. You will get the chance to be coached by me in a live weekly session every week.

    Every month is dedicated to a theme that is transforming for you, from Confidence month, Self-awareness, Gratitude, money mindset, and many more all focused on you and your transformation.

    Mindfulness and meditation

    You get weekly meditation or mindfulness practices which last at least ten minutes so you can start your with the best foot forward. Meditation and mindfulness brings peace of mind, alleviates stress, brings awareness, happiness and most of all helps you have a good and productive day. Meditation clears the mind of all the stressful chatter and mindfulness bring awareness


    Nothing beats the transformative power of a supportive community. When you join you are given access to our private community where you share, encouraged and get encouraged by others and their success stories.

    Library of tools and strategies

    You get access to a variety of mindful and meditation scripts, gratitude and motivation prompts. 

    But Sasa, how do I know this is right for me?

    That is a good question

    I will answer by asking you a few simple questions that will help you figure out if You can Thrive is really for you...

    1. Is find your purpose in life and living your passion important for you?

    2. Is gaining clarity on your biggest dreams important for you?

    3. Would you like the fulfillment you get when your relationships are working well?

    4. Do you want to improve your communication and build confidence? Did you know that confidence is the number one important factor in how successful your relationships become, be it family, love or work and your life in general?

    5. Is having a less stress, happier life without negative self-talk, doubt important to you?

    If the answer to any of these questions is "YES!", then the You can Thrive is definately for you

    Yes, Take Me to the You Can Thrive Program

    A journey to the BEST version of yourself.


    • The SURPRISING ways to change your mindset to one that attracts success

    • How to REMOVE every limiting belief you have

    • How to ELIMINATE your negative habits

    • How to PREPARE your mind for prosperity

  • How to DESIGN and live the life you have always desired

  • The secret reasons your BRAIN always triumphs over talent

  • How to Identify OBSTACLES that keep you from achieving your dreams

  • How to stop SMOTHERING your dreams achieve your goals

  • Techniques to CHANGE limiting thought patterns

  • Yes, I want to Get Unstuck & Thrive

    It’s time to align yourself to your goals and intentions fully.

    Pick a plan that suits you. This is a 6 month membership.

    £247/One time


    36 lessons to lead you on the journey of winning (value - priceless

  • A thorough understanding of what you need to do to create a mind that naturally attracts success (PRICELESS)

  • debrief quizzes to empower you to remember the key points ($99 value)t

  • Week;y Online Coaching with Sasa 

  •  Additional handouts, worksheets, and reflections to help you apply and implement what you’ve learned ($99 value)

  • Membership to You can Thrive for 6 Months

  • 10 minutes  Mindfulness and meditation practices weekly

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    £91/3 monthly payments


    36 lessons to lead you on the journey of winning (value - priceless

    • A thorough understanding of what you need to do to create a mind that naturally attracts success (PRICELESS)

    • Weekly Online Coaching with Sasa 

    • Additional handouts, worksheets, and reflections to help you apply and implement what you’ve learned ($99 value)

    • Membership to You can Thrive for 6 Months

  • 10 minutes  Mindfulness and meditation practices weekly

  • Buy This Plan

    Treat Your Mind, Body And Soul


    Strategies to create a mindset that pursues success and isn’t afraid of failure

    attacking limiting beliefs

    Tools to attack limiting beliefs

    personal development

    Strategies & tools to eliminate self-limiting thought patterns

    setting goals

    Create intentions and goals that match your personal version of success

    positive habits

    Defeat negative habits and create new, empowering habits

    make a plan

    Create a plan for living the best year of your life

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