My coaching packages are designed to help you to reconnect and  easily move from overwhelm to a happier you.  The also help you discover your life purpose and unleash your full potential in whatever you do. They are offered in step by step actions so it easy for you to see your results.  They will help you if you are:

  • – Unclear about what exactly it is you want and why you’re stuck?
    – Unsure about what it is you should really do 
    – Unconfident that you can stick to the plan and see it through?
  • – Feel unfulfilled with your faith or spirituality life and looking for a breakthrough and fulfilment
  • You have a longing for more and want to remove the blocks that hold you back

Maybe it is time to discern between the spiritual struggle and other social, personal and other life difficulties. We are living in very uncertain times and most people find themselves in challenging situations. 

My priority is to inspire and support you to move from stressed and overwhelmed  back to reconnect with who you are not who you think you should be. 

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Sasa Evans Coaching
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byAmani onSasa Evans Coaching

Had a really great session with SASA.
Was having problems with my procratination.
And couldn't understand why.
I'm usually a self motivated person.
But for some times i had doubts and uncertainty.
Sasa has been great and made me understand where my lack of motivation was coming from.
My fears and my doubts of not knowing what to do next in my business was what blocking me in moving fwd. We discussed ways to change my mindset and find solutions together. Thank you.