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Will life be the same after covid 19 – will fear end?


Life after covid19 

I have been asking myself this question of late. How will life be like after covid19? This is because every time lock-down measures are eased  there is a spike.  One question which has been on mind is whether we are going to need to wear masks every where.  I wonder if our bodies will adapt and be able to fight the virus with time. Life after covid19

When this year started I had so much hope and looked forward to the year with much anticipation. As a Christian, I was looking at the promises of year 2020 coinciding with the Jewish year 5780. The promises are great. A new decade, a year of the mouth, a year of blessing. All this changed with the spread of the dreaded covid19 which causes the corona virus.  The way I see it, it looks like normal life as we know it will change for ever.

How has covid19 affected normal life?

I have always been so afraid of getting infections or getting ill. I guess some people can call me a hypochondriac. Every time, I feel sick, I normally search the symptoms on Google.  This gives me a lot of stress which is not good for well being. As a young adult I had 2 ectopic pregnancies and I nearly died. I had depression and migraines after that.  So now when I get symptoms I become obsessed with finding out what it is so that I don’t find myself with the after effects I had after the ectopic pregnancies.

When the covid19 reached our shores and people started getting the corona virus. I was paralysed with fear for weeks. I couldn’t go outside and was unhappy if my husband went for a walk. Straight from when the lock-down was announced, away I began feeling symptoms and the more I binge watched the news the more the symptoms intensified. Lucky for me I have a daughter who has really strong faith and she managed to help me snap out of it before it had gone too far.

Will normal life change for ever after covid19?

We are in the sixth month now and I can’t help but ask myself- are things really gonna change? Will we be able to go back to life as we know it? I am one of those people who are very affectionate and I like hugging people and using a holy kiss when I meet and greet friends. I wonder if this is going to be possible or are we going to be wearing masks for ever.

As a mom I also worry about the impact of covid19 on kids going back to school. Will the kids be able to go back to school any time soon? Here in the UK , kids were supposed to go back at the beginning of June but that has been postponed.  They are now missing a lot of school.  Most parent are doing their best to home-school but some also have to work from home, so it is very hard for them.

The decade of the mouth -Pey

In Hebrew, the year 2020 (5780) is the beginning of the decade of the mouth. It is a decade to open the mouth and confess the Word of the Lord.As things stand, this decade is not having a good start because by having to put masks on all the time, is like being silenced.  As believers, we are supposed to be proclaiming with our mouths. Has the devil won and taken away our right to proclaim what is good? At least now I can ask myself these questions without having a sleepless night out of fear.

Impact on lives and livelihood

Many shops and business have been closed since the beginning of lock down. A lot of people have been affected financially and some have even lost their jobs. There is no doubt that this pandemic is affecting every aspect of life.  I feel the self employed and small businesses have been affected even more.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Judging by History, things come to pass. The pestilences and epidemics of the past were defeated. World wars were fought but they ended.  I believe virus will come to pass as well.  We are fortunate in that we have technological and medical advances at our disposal to find a cure. When there was the Spanish flu, the Influenza and other epidemics, it was hard because the advance in medicine was limited. . I cannot wait for a world free from isolation and social distancing.

The events of the past weeks (protests), have shown that when you put fear aside you are able to venture out even in the face of an epidemic. May be it will take the conquering of our fears of this virus that we will be able to return to what resembles normal life.


I truly believe that as humans we should not take for granted the freedoms we have. We should be kinder and caring towards other humans and creation. We need to learn to treat the environment better and appreciate the very air we breathe. I believe there is a silver lining to this: the oceans have rested and there is less pollution going on, less plastic dumped in the oceans, the air is cleaner and even the forests are resting as there is no flogging. Lets us cherish and appreciate what we have and nature will also be kinder to us.

God bless!


Sasa Evans

I am a life and spirituality coach, blogger and course creator. I support women to build self confidence, self esteem by transforming their pain to purpose.

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